3 Ways To Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page For Free

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3 Ways To Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page For Free

Attracting new people to like your Facebook page can be a real challenge. Especially for brand new businesses. Despite this challenge, it’s important that business owners continue to drive new likes on their page. Having more likes means your posts will potentially be seen by more people. A well established page with a large following alongside great content and good reviews also appears more trustworthy to potential customers.

A fantastic way to get more likes is to ‘invite’ people to like your page. It’s very effective as the people you invite are likely to already be familiar with your business. This blog will cover 3 ways you can ‘invite’ people to like your Facebook page for free.

1. Invite those who have liked your posts but haven’t already liked your page

My first tip is often overlooked by business page owners as they don’t realise it’s possible. However, if you head over to your business page and look for previous posts that have had a lot of likes/reactions. Now click on the number next to the like icon and you’ll be given a list of people who have reacted to your post. You can then work through this list and ‘invite’ people who don’t already like your page to like it. It’s a really effective tactic as these people have already engaged with your post. As a result, they are more likely to like your page and also be relevant to what your business offers.

2. Post in groups and invite people who like these posts to like your page

You can follow the same principles as outlined in my first tip but apply this to Facebook groups. You’ll need to join groups as your business page and then post content that attracts a lot of engagement. You can then click on the number next to the like icon and invite those who have engaged with your post. It’s another effective tactic but it will require more of your time. You’ll need to find groups with a lot of members, who are relevant to your business and then develop content that will attract engagement. In principle this sounds easy but finding the right groups and developing such content can be difficult. It’s also worth remembering not to be overly promotional with your posts as this is unlikely to be effective in groups and could be seen as spammy.

3. Invite your friends to like your page

My final tip is to invite your personal connections to like your Facebook page. To do this, just head over to your page and you’ll see the ‘invite’ option within the navigation bar. This tactic is useful for businesses with a brand new page who are looking to simply increase the number of likes on their page. It is worth noting that it probably won’t be as successful for generating leads for your business as your personal friends and family are less likely to fit your target audience. However, they are great people to get to like your page as they are more than likely going to be happy to help with amplifying your content in the future. You can also ask your employees or other close friends to invite their connections to like your page as well.

How can I help?

Inviting people to like your business page for free is a great way to gain more followers. However, this will take a significant amount of time and effort to make a big difference. If you’re looking to take your page to the next level, the quickest way is to tap into the Facebook advertising platform. It’s very easy and cost effective to run adverts to increase your page likes on a cost per like basis. I have extensive experience using this platform and offer a service which involves running such adverts for you. Interested? Get in touch - I’d love to help.

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