10 Tactics To Get More Likes On A Facebook Business Page

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10 Tactics To Get More Likes On A Facebook Business Page

Building your Facebook page audience can often feel like an uphill battle, especially if you have a new business. Despite this challenge, it’s vital for any business with a Facebook page to have a good number of likes (or followers). Why? Well, firstly, if you’re investing time crafting posts on the platform then you will want to get them in front of as many people as possible. Secondly, having a well-established page offers ‘social proof’ to potential new customers. Lastly, the more likes you have on your page and your posts, the more trustworthy your business will look to the outside world.

The important part for you, the business owner, is that these likes are from people relevant to your business, otherwise they will add no value whatsoever.

Here are the top 10 tactics to encourage people to like your page and engage more with your posts.

1. Use the Facebook advertising platform

Organic reach on Facebook has been increasingly limited during recent years. This means the visibility of a page and its posts has significantly reduced. So, even though you can grow a Facebook page with the tactics below, the process takes a considerable amount of time. The only quick way to encourage potential customers to like your page is to run paid adverts within Facebook’s Business Manager. The platform offers remarkable targeting to ensure you only show adverts to people who may be interested in your business.

This makes the system very cost-effective for picking up new likes from real people in large volumes over a short time. For me, it’s the most effective way of reaching people who are yet to discover your page (or business) and is a massively underutilised resource for small business owners, as many are not aware of the benefits the advertising platform can offer.

2. Invite your friends to like your page

A simple but effective tactic for gaining more likes on your business page is to ‘invite’ your personal connections to like your page. Facebook makes this incredibly easy and you’ll find an invite option within the main navigation of your page. This is a great tactic for simply increasing the number of likes on your page. However, it may be a less successful tactic for gaining new likes from people who are likely to buy your product or service. It’s worth noting that you can also ask your employees or other close friends to invite their connections to like your page as well.

3. Post high-quality content

Posting high-quality content is the most important factor to consider on this list of tactics. Without good content, other tactics will be much less effective. Posts should be relevant to your business, have fantastic visuals (including graphics, photos, or videos), and appeal to what your target audience is interested in. Posts should also not be too promotional. If you’re struggling for ideas about what to post, think about the day-to-day running of your business and document interesting stories across the day. Posts that include photos of real people at your business are often very popular, as they add some personality to your profile by avoiding the use of stock images.

4. Post regularly: Consistency is key

As long as you can maintain the quality of your posts, the next most important tactic is to post consistently. The more often you can post high-quality content the more likes you will pick up. I’d personally post as often as possible, aiming for at least one post per day.

5. Invite those who have liked your posts but haven’t already liked your page

This simple tactic is often overlooked by Facebook page admins who don’t realise the option is available to them. Many of your posts will get reactions from people who don’t already like your page. They could have seen the post when one of their friends has engaged with it and gone on to like the post as well, without liking your page. If you click on the number next to the like icon, you’ll be presented with a list of people who have reacted to the post. From here, simply work through the list and invite these people to like your page. This is a very effective tactic for picking up new likes, for free!

6. Post in groups and invite people who like these posts to like your page

Following on from tactic five, you can join most Facebook groups as your business page and post within them. If people within the group react to your posts, you can then invite them to like your page. This is a very effective tactic if you pick the right groups and share content that gets a lot of reactions.

7. Include your Facebook page on other platforms

Referring to your Facebook page in as many places as possible will ultimately drive more people to your page. If they enjoy your content, they are likely to like your page. You can link to your Facebook page from your website and other social media channels. You could also include a Facebook icon on physical mediums such as business cards, flyers, vehicles, and shop windows.

8. Respond to everyone who comments on your posts

It almost goes without saying but if you do pick up comments from people who already like your page be sure to respond to them as quickly as possible. This will encourage your followers to comment again in the future and may also encourage other people to engage with your posts.

9. Run a competition

If you’re prepared to give away a good enough prize, running a competition on Facebook can result in a huge amount of additional reach for your page. This should naturally result in more likes. My main advice would be to be careful with how you word the competition entry requirements. It is against Facebook’s guidelines to ask people to like your page or to tag their friends in order to enter the competition.

10. Engage with other business pages

Getting other pages to share your content is another tactic that is certain to increase likes on your page, even more so if they’ve got a large following. The best way to encourage other businesses to share your content is to build real-life relationships with them and tag them in relevant posts. For example, if you donate to charity, be sure to capture this moment with a photo, post it on your page and tag the charity in the post. They will almost certainly share it with their followers.

To conclude, having more Facebook page likes builds trust with potential new customers. Add to this vibrant active page with lots of positive engagement and you will build credibility for your business online.

How can I help?

I can help you grow your social media pages to grow your business and increase revenue. This includes expertise to help you implement the above tactics. This ranges from full management of your Facebook page to a consultancy/training service to help develop your skills to manage your page.

The quickest way to build your page likes is to tap into the Facebook advertising platform. I have extensive experience using this platform and offer a service which involves running such adverts for you. Interested? Get in touch - I’d love to help.

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