How Often Should I Post On Social Media

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How Often Should I Post On Social Media

A question that I often get asked by business owners is "How often should I post on social media?". My response is always the same - "As often as you can without compromising quality".

For me, it can really be that simple. A lot of businesses worry about posting too often but in reality, I don’t see many small businesses that fall into this category. If you’re only posting organically (not running paid adverts) the chances are only a small proportion of your audience are seeing your posts anyway. Even if you were posting more than once a day, your followers are unlikely to be overwhelmed with content.

From my experience businesses have the opposite problem. They don’t tend to have enough time to post high quality content consistently. My recommendation of posting as often as you can is purely based on this knowledge. Having said that, if you are managing to post at least once per day across all of your relevant platforms this is probably enough.

This leaves the question "How often should I realistically post on social media?". For most small businesses, there’s only a small amount of time in the day for posting across various social media platforms. My recommendation would be to aim for at least one high quality post per day across all of the platforms that you use. If you can’t manage one post per day, then at the very minimum I’d aim for 3-4 posts per week.

If you’re struggling to think of content ideas, I’ve produced a handy list of 50 ideas for social media posts that might give you some inspiration. Beyond that, if you think it’s vital that your business is active on social media but you don’t have time to post as often as you’d like, feel free to get in touch as I do offer a social media management service.

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